The new squeeze…

It was a whirlwind romance that started on the internet.  Some said it couldn’t possibly last. She was from Japan (via11219043_10155923097605613_6346311937837280253_n Liverpool), how could a boy from the Black Country ever relate to that? Admittedly acquiring these relationships on eBay is a tricky old game. But it just became too high
maintenance. We are going our separate ways….


So the MR2 is getting sold. We’ve had a bit of fun, but ultimately it’s a little fat and underpowered for hill climbing. Also, despite the electrical gremlin-ary that is still squatting somewhere in the system, like the cousin you don’t know so very well who keeps you up after you’ve offered them the spare bed after a wedding – which I will find – its is a very solid example. It seems a shame, when clean ‘OEM’ examples are the exception not the rule these days, to change that by taking out the interior and modifying it.

So the MR2 will find its way to someone who will treat it right – and I am moving on. I have invested my money iIMG_1146n something a little bit more fit for purpose.

Anyone who is a regular visitor to hill climbs will probably remember seeing a Honda Accord with bright orange wheels – it’s a fairly distinctive colour scheme!

Well, I will be taking over the Accord Type R from Steve Davey, who will be graduating into single seaters. The upside is a quick, properly prepared saloon car (rather than a totally unchanged road car).

The down side is that I will end up going up a class, and will have my arse kicked by Nissan GTRs and Porsche 911s – but, hey, it’s the size of the fight in the dog, right?

I am getting that excitement you always get with nIMG_1148ew cars – where you basically want to work your way through a couple of tanks of fuel in the first 24 hours.  God knows how you cope if your new car is a single seater. Who has the patience to waste on booking testing…road going all the way!


Anyone want an MR2 (with fixed electrics)?

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