Starting out Part…3? For God’s sake

The off season has been something of an up and down affair. Since the Dashboard Christmas Tree of Doom affair, there has been a bit of a saga with trying to get the MR2 functioning, in order to fund the purchase of the tangerine Honda, which itself decided to have a bit of a paddy of its own.

In short, rather than the endless thumb twiddling I was concerned that would occupy my winter, I ended up with one Toyota that wouldn’t hold charge in its battery, and a Honda that just steadfastly refused to start.

I purchased a nice new battery charger to try and kick the battery in to life and try and sort out the Toyota so I could at least get it MOT’d. But after a week or so of trying to charge the battery, I got no result and feared it was broken. That was before in my infinite wisdom I decided to check the charger….which was broken.  So whilst feeling like something of a half-wit, at least I now had a charge battery, so I could take the car to be MOT’d. I headed to the MOT station with the car disposing of its charge at an alarming rate, and the car running increasingly lumpily I managed to deposit it at the MOT station – whereupon miracles happened. Finally the problem was diagnosed as being a faulty alternator. Another faulty alternator. Fortunately replaceable under warranty this time.

This would all have been fine and dandy if the Honda hadn’t have taken the time to have its first tantrum of my tenure – a mystery ailment where it decided that it wanted to flood, and then resist any attempt to purge the cylinders of fuel and get the damn thing to fire.  It took 3 weeks of playing with every suggestion the internet had to offer (the scariest suggestion being a failed head gasket) to find the fix (* a little somethin’ for the mechanics enthusiasts at the bottom). However, said fix managed to fill the garage with smoke upon starting the car – facilitating a McLaren style desperate fumble where there should be efficiency, where I tried to leave the garage, hit a chock on the floor, had to move it, and then quickly ran back to the car to emerge spluttering in to the fresh air.

I will write it off as an amusing mad scientist moment….


Anyway. I can get onto the fun things like livery now….


I managed to

*removed the fuel pump fuse and turned over to blow remaining petrol out of the bores, fuse back in, drop of oil into the plug holes (a bit much as it turned out) and some new spark plugs.

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